Nihility a glimpse into a world

Though brief, it was a genuine moment of seeing, a peak moment. I neither want to overplay nor underplay it.

Nihility a glimpse into a world

But our mouth is also home to hundreds of different species of bacteria. The patient has an aggressive form of periodontitis, an infection that rapidly destroys the periodontium.

The gums are red and have receded, large parts of the discoloured teeth are visible. The overall impression is worn. But the patient is young and has practised good dental hygiene. It is probably more due to the patient being unlucky and having a genetic predisposition. This aggressive form of periodontal disease that affects some young people is one of the diseases Georgios Belibasakis wants to understand better through his research.

For those of us who have a healthy oral cavity, it is perhaps easy to forget how important it is to our overall health. In Sweden and many other countries in Europe, we have been able to prevent to a good extent many oral diseases, for example, with the help of educating children about dental hygiene in schools and brushing with fluoride toothpaste the prevalence of cavities has decreased dramatically in just a few generations.

My idea of relaxation: Spending time with my daughter. Often people working in completely different areas to my own, like sports or the business world.

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Winning a sporting contest is like when a researcher publishes an article in a scientific journal. Both involve a lot of work, pep talks, and planning which may not always be visible from the outside.

Nihility a glimpse into a world

There are over different species of bacteria. All of these bacteria normally live in our mouth - and we actually want them to.

They keep our immune system active and their functions include preventing other dangerous bacteria from colonising the mouth.

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The actual bacterial composition varies between individuals and is influenced by different factors such as what and how we eat and whether we are under a lot of stress. Hormonal fluctuations and genetics also have an impact.

But according to Georgios Belibasakis, the important thing is probably not only the combination of bacteria you have. What we think right now is that we should look out for imbalances in the oral ecosystem instead.

Oral ill-health is therefore linked to changes in the normal bacterial composition rather than being infected by contaminants from the outside. Different individuals may also be more or less resistant to such changes in the environment, which can in turn lead to changes in microbial composition.

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Together they form a thick layer called a biofilm. In a similar way, antibiotics cannot get through either. To understand more about these processes, the research team is studying models of biofilm in the laboratory.

However, a lot of knowledge about what the importance of oral flora is for both local and general health is still missing. In an EU project that the research team is involved in, the goal is to develop a mobile laboratory that can quickly analyse a range of factors in a saliva sample.

This could be useful in countries where there are long distances to dental clinics and the hospital. It is still not clear what the resulting action should be since sufficient knowledge is still missing.

But one recommendation would simply be to visit the dentist or dental hygienist more frequently than usual for a while in order to monitor and prevent disease progression. Dental hygienists are a professional group that Georgios Belibasakis wants to highlight.

Because they meet lots of patients before they develop the disease, they have the potential to detect high-risk patients early. Great technological advances have meant that we can help patients who are missing teeth to regain their functionality, which is a very good thing. The common goal of all of the research that Georgios Belibasakis conducts is that he wants it to lead to benefits for patients.The Sun () The public rarely gets a glimpse into this world.

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Times, Sunday Times () Being a woman also allowed me a rare glimpse behind the veil. Times, Sunday Times () Get in there quick for a glimpse of the future. It was "like an exorcism". The healer wiped his hands in a cleansing gesture, wandered off, and began strumming a guitar. Gordon came to some time later on a heap of pillows, a healer stroking her back, cooing.

She made an appointment to return the next day, and ambled outside into the glare of the carpark, trying to remember how to drive home. “For a long time Nihility was simply too weak to be detected, and even when he became stronger, he was able to conceal himself from the outside world by some unknown means,” Celestia replied darkly.

Ye Qian smoothly nihility soul first completion, then uses a nihility soul mystique, chooses a time node, with the structure of state of mind construction source soul, and breeds in the state of mind sea, until some day source soul from the virtual mentality, turns into half virtual half present condition, completes second, if day of Ye Qian.

Nihility’s Gate, A Short Story.

Nihility a glimpse into a world

Posted on September 8, Only one man ignored the strict regulations of the cult, he had shoulder-length hair pulled back into a ponytail, and his eyebrows were viciously full, as if the onset of lycanthropy.

on God. There were tears in his eyes as he yelled. The world caught a glimpse of what. I just want to recover so I can return to the Sea Domain of Nihility immediately. Among the people here, you're the most special.

though. "I woke up. I know I'm now a wisp of its soul, a part of it. It has released me to understand the magical world of Desolate. I know I'm pathetic. It gathered a shadow into the body and its power.

Glimpse: A New World by Michael Anderle