Maceda and recto law essay

Demand that the buyer pay a. Cancel or rescind the sale 3. Foreclose the mortgage on the property bought if there ever was a chattel mortgage Regarding no. These remedies, believe it or not, are also available to the buyer.

Maceda and recto law essay

He moved to Manila to study at Ateneo de Manila where he consistently obtained outstanding scholastic grades, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree maxima cum laude.

Politician[ edit ] Recto launched his political career as a legal adviser to the first Philippine Senate in Inhe was elected representative from the second district of Batangas.

He served as minority floor leader for several years until His grasp of parliamentary procedures won him the accolades of friends and adversaries alike.

Maceda and recto law essay

Recto traveled to the United States as a member of the Independence Mission and was admitted to the American Bar in Upon his return, he founded the Partido Democrata. InRecto temporarily retired from active politics and dedicated himself to the practice and teaching of law.

Soon thereafter, however, he found the world of academia restrictive and soporific. Although he still engaged in the practice of law, he resigned from his teaching job in and reentered politics. He ran and won a senate seat and was subsequently elected majority floor leader in As a jurist, he debated against U.

Recto presided over the assembly that drafted the Philippine Constitution in —35 in accordance with the provisions of the Tydings—McDuffie Act and a preliminary step to independence and self-governance after a year transitional period.

Maceda and recto law essaywas rejected by the Philippine Senate. The original bill would have allowed the indefinite retention of U.

Together with then-Senate President Quezon, who later was elected first president of the Commonwealth of the PhilippinesRecto personally presented the Commonwealth Constitution to U.

The consensus among many political scholars of today judges the Constitution as the best-written Philippine charter ever. Its author was mainly Claro M.

Maceda and recto law essay

InRecto ran and reaped the highest number of votes among the 24 elected senators. He was re-elected in as a Nacionalista Party candidate and again in as a guest candidate of the Liberal Party. He also argued against the teaching of religion in public schools.

Recto foresaw the demands of a fast-moving global economy and the challenges it would pose to his nation. In a memorable speech on the eve of the presidential election when he ran against then President Carlos Garciahe petitioned all sectors of society, and following the example of Rizalimplored Philippine youth: Only a nationalistic administration can inspire a new idealism in our youth, and with its valid economic program make our youth respond to the challenging jobs and tasks demanding full use of their talents and energies.

Recto was defeated in the election and never became president. Since his time, subsequent administrations practiced with fidelity and enthusiasm what he called "subservience and colonial mentality," most of them with greed and rapacious intents. S Bases Treaty, but ultimately acquiesced to the will of the people, and the Philippine Senate rejected its renewal.

In Septemberby a slim majority led by Senator Jovito Salongathe lawmaking body rescinded the agreement, effectively ending U.

He wrote a two-volume book on civil procedures, which, in the days before World War II was standard textbook for law students. His prominence as a lawyer paralleled his fame as a writer.

He was known for his flawless logic and lucidity of mind in both undertakings. Laurel during the Japanese occupation. In his defense, in his treatise entitled "Three Years of Enemy Occupation"he convincingly presented the case of patriotic conduct of Filipinos during World War II.

He fought his legal battles and was acquitted. Poet, playwright, essayist[ edit ] He was reared and schooled in the Spanish languagehis mother tongue alongside Tagalogand he was also fluent in English. Some of his works still grace classic poetry anthologies of the Hispanic world. Both were produced and staged in Manila to critical acclaim in the mid s.

The original Monroe doctrine was U. In his deliberation, he wrote about foreseeing the danger Japan posed to the Philippines and other Asian countries. His words proved prophetic when Japan invaded and colonized the region, including the Philippines from His eloquence and facility with the Spanish language were recognized throughout the Hispanic world.

The Enciclopedia Universal says of him: Recto was unique compared to his peers in that he was one of the more notable nationalists against imperialism.Sep 11,  · These two laws are relevant and are very often the issue of many court cases.

Both laws govern the sale of property by installments. The Recto Law, which forms part of the Civil Code, covers installment sales of personal property while the Maceda Law governs installment sales of real property.

The Recto Law, which forms part of the Civil Code, specifically Article to Article , covers sales of personal property on installment basis. The Maceda Law is a special law, particularly Republic Act (RA) or the Realty Installment Buyer Act, that governs installment sales of real property.

Ordinarily, the Constitution would tell us that no law impairing the obligations of contracts shall be passed, but in this case, the Maceda Law, under Section 7, provides that any stipulation in any contract that are contrary to Sections 3, 4, 5, and 6 are to be deemed null and void.

The Maceda Law, RA , is the real estate equivalent of the Recto Law. Like the Recto Law, it also covers financing of sales of real property (which is why mortgages also come in.) Like the Recto Law, it also covers financing of sales of real property (which is why mortgages also come in.). THE RECTO AND MACEDA LAW.

The Recto Law, which forms part of the Civil Code, covers installment sales of personal property while the Maceda Law governs installment sales of real property. The Recto Law The Recto Law comprises Articles to of the Civil Code.

It was added to. The Realty Installment Buyer Act or Republic Act is the law that lays out a defaulting buyer’s rights with regards to his purchase of a real estate property. Defaulting Payments – Know Your Rights under Republic Act (Maceda Law) Hindi po itong Maceda Law ang appropriate sa case nyo.

The Recto and Maceda Laws ~ Philippine Laws -Simplified