How to write a short author biography of suzanne

Expiration Date - story Braun, Shen Shen Braun has been writing since he was old enough to grip a crayon and has the towering stack of mostly finished stories to prove it. He eventually escaped from a small town and an enormous horde of relatives to go through years of university followed by numerous careers involving neckties and business lunches. He is the author of 19 books; his fiction has been translated into Japanese, French, Italian, Russian, and German.

How to write a short author biography of suzanne

Collins was the youngest of four children. Because her father was a career officer in the U. Air Forcethe family moved frequently, and she spent time in Indiana and Belgium before graduating from high school in BirminghamAlabama. After studying theatre and telecommunications at Indiana University B.

The book was commended for its vivid setting and sense of adventure, and four additional installments —07 in what became known as the Underland Chronicles soon followed. Brutal combat and its consequences were also central concerns of The Hunger Gamesa dystopian tale in which two dozen adolescents are compelled by a futuristic authoritarian state to fight to the death in a televised competition.

Inspired equally by reality television and Classical mythologythe novel, aimed at teenage readers, attracted intense interest in the plight of its headstrong year-old heroine, Katniss Everdeen.

As Collins extended the narrative with Catching Fire and Mockingjaythe series became a mainstay on best-seller lists, especially in the United Statesand also caught on with adults, a development that provoked comparisons to the broadly popular Harry Potter and Twilight novels.

A film adaptation of The Hunger Games, for which Collins wrote much of the screenplay, enjoyed enormous commercial success upon its release in By that time more than 30 million copies of the trilogy were in print in the United States alone, and e-book sales were particularly robust.

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Adaptations of the remaining books appeared in, and ; the third book was released in two parts. Memories from the Home Front How to write a short bio.

Since you have very little space to work with, the key to writing a short bio is choosing only the most important information. Unless you've written a kids' book about household pets, you'll have to cut the list of the names of your six cats.

Anderson, Kevin. Kevin J.

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Anderson is an American science fiction author with over forty bestsellers. He has written spin-off novels for Star Wars, StarCraft, Titan A.E., and The X-Files, and with Brian Herbert is the co-author of the Dune prequels.

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how to write a short author biography of suzanne

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Nov 17,  · To write a brief description of yourself, start with a sentence that includes your name and title, like "Jackie Smith is a professor of philosophy at Ritter College." Then, write a sentence that briefly summarizes the kind of work you do and how long you've been doing it%().

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Suzanne Collins Biography Author (–) American writer Suzanne Collins is the author of the bestselling The Hunger Games series and The Underland Chronicles.

Keep your author bio short Even if you have a ton of biographical information that relates to your book, very few people will be prepared to wade through nine paragraphs of it. The faster they can read about you, the faster they can click the link to buy your book.

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