Gilded age dbq essay

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Gilded age dbq essay

Hire Writer They were also discriminated against when being hired because they were more likely to take leave for childcare or maternity leave.

The mobilization of the American economy sprouted from the rise of technology in the gilded age through the development of railroads, homesteads, and farming techniques. This expansion on the Great Plains increased intolerance towards the Native Americans, which soon resulted in removal of most Indian tribes.

At first, they attempted a truce through the treaty of Fort Laramie, where the government and representatives of the tribes discussed the terms of westbound settlers. The tribes would receive annuity in return for their cooperation. However, the government failed to compensate the tribes properly and violated the treaty.

Another social group that was deeply impacted by the gilded age was the African Americans, who were affected by Jim Crow laws. The old south was unwilling to accept the new technology and there was an emerging grey area between states laws and rights versus the federal government.

The southern sharecropping system was economically backing the Jim Crow laws. State black codes restricted the freedom of African Americans, and compelled them to work for lower wages. The purpose of these oppressive laws were to preserve the system of white supremacy.

Civil rights acts were introduced with hopes of equality for African Americans but they were ruled unconstitutional. In conclusion, the gilded age transformed the country and impacted many social groups of American society.

Gilded age dbq essay

Women gained the right to vote and more social status while the Native Americans were oppressed harsher than ever. Jim crow laws restricted African Americans by segregating the country. The technological advances during the gilded age provided a more modern society and influenced changing government policies.

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This site is . UNITED STATES HISTORY SECTION II Part A The following question requires you to construct a coherent essay that integrates your interpretation of Documents A-I your knowledge of the period referred to in the question.

High Gilded Age DBQ Bibliography Document A "Participation Rates of Men and Women in the U.S. Labor Force.".

   American    History DBQ: Gilded Age - Urbanization in America; DBQ: Progressivism - Final Essay (Complete with DBQ, and pre-write /outline). Progressivism Final Essay Pre-write/Outline ; Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The urbanization of the Gilded Age provides a basis for the understanding of the country’s progress in a court of law and the events to follow the era.

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During the "Gilded Age," every man was a potential Andrew Carnegie, and Americans who achieved wealth celebrated it as never before. In New York, the opera, the theatre, and lavish parties consumed the ruling class' leisure hours.

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