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Business planning manager nike golf

From standard registration data and attendance numbers, through to surveys and sponsorship deals, there is a lot of useful information to crunch.

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Pay particular attention to exhibitors and attendees that have come to the event previously and that could be a good sponsorship lead for the future. Learn from the past to create better sponsorship deals in the future: Identify which sponsors are already on board for the next event, which can probably be tempted back and the sponsors that could be ready for a bigger, or headline, sponsorship deal.

Having first-hand experience can make a sponsorship approach and sell much easier if they liked what they saw. Brainstorm and Research Prospects to Approach: Your Secret Weapon To Converting More Sponsors Whether this is an established event or the first time it has run, the chances are that you are keen to secure more sponsors.

business planning manager nike golf

This means that you need to build a list of well-matched organizations to approach. What is a sponsor for an event? There are a few clues that can help you assess the companies that are more likely to listen to your sponsorship approach and those that will be a waste of time.

We recommend starting with at least potential sponsor leads.


Only a small fraction of those will convert to actual sponsors, so you need to create a long list as a good starting point. With these lists, you will have more than enough to begin the prospecting process.

It is a not a particularly good use of your time to try to convince companies who have never sponsored an event of the benefits of a sponsorship generally. It is one thing having the ideas but you also need a way to contact them. In most cases, the responsibility of sponsorship activation usually falls to the marketing team.


Prospecting to the marketing department is your best bet unless the prospect has a specific sponsorship person or department. LinkedIn is likely to be your top resource finding out who you need to speak to and fleshing out the contact details on the list ready for an approach in the future.

Build your hit list and get off to a flying start: Pick up as many as you find, even if they are not current. For example, if you pick up the program for virtually any trade show or sporting event you will discover it is full of sponsors.

Make a spreadsheet of these companies, categorizing them by the products or services they sell. Another excellent source of potential sponsors are the websites for events. Often, the sponsors for these events are listed. There might be an opportunity for in-kind sponsorship, rather than financial sponsorship.

What are the cornerstones of your event offering, what do you own, which elements give value, what metrics and data do you have, what do you hope to achieve for the next and future events?

Understanding the full picture can trigger ideas for sponsorships going forward. Analyze in terms of past sponsorship deals, how did you perform? Put together evidence of how your event has provided good returns for sponsors, whatever their specific goals were.

Pour over event feedback and particularly any feedback from sponsors.19/01/ The SHANE DOHERTY MEMORIAL Tri-State Masters Entry forms are hot off the press, being picked up today and will be out in the mail over the next couple of days. 67 NIKE Demand Planning Manager jobs, including salaries, reviews, and other job information posted anonymously by NIKE Demand Planning Manager employees.

business planning manager nike golf

Find NIKE Demand Planning Manager jobs on Glassdoor. Apr 28,  · Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Ore. Reports of job discrimination and bad behavior by men were ignored by human resources, some female employees say.

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