Assess the usefulness of marxist theories

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Marxist Theory of Crime Using the material from item A and elsewhere assess the usefulness of Marxist approaches to an understanding of crime and deviance. Marxists theory adopts the belief that the ruling class is responsible for societies.

Assess the usefulness of marxist theories

Traditional Marxists can explain why people turn to crime in that capitalism is in its very structure criminogenic. This means that because of the way it work crime is an inevitable and functional part of the system.

For instance Capitalism is based on success, greed and wealth, but also a lack of regard on how to get rich fast. Davis argues that crime is a rational response to the capitalist system. Crime is out of neccessity, they need to survive but are getting exploited by the successful so that they cannot themselves be successful.

Therefore Traditional Marxists can contribute to our understanding of how capitalism causes crime in our society. However this has been criticised because not all poor poeple who are unsuccessful turn to crime.

Therefore this is not an adequate contribution to explaing crime, or lack thereof for all poor people. It also cannot therefore explain MC crime. Why would omeone who has worked the system for their benefit need to offend to get by?

Marxism use the three types of society to explain the evolution of exploitation we see today. Ancient societies exploited slaves which were legally bound to their masters.

Assess the usefulness of marxist theories

Feudal society where serfs were legally tied to the lad lords owned the land, serfs lived on it therefore were legally tied and were exploited as farmers. Capitalist society is based on exploitation of free wage labour. This explains the system of exploitation today and the progression through history.

This progression in the end, Marxists believe will lead the WC to rise up against them and overthrow for an exploitless communist society. However, this is based on historical truths and is too simplistic.

Weber argues that status and power inequalities are also important not just class divisions. For instace Feminists argue that another important divide is between women and men. Again is too simplistic in that Marx has the capitalist ruling class and free wage labours but that is not enough.

Weber also argues that there needs to be a distinction betwen the skilled and un-skilled working class and for the MC a distinction between white collar, petty borgeouise and office workers.

Inadequate in explaining modern exploit in the 21st century. However capitalism according to Marx does take into account these changes in its exploit.


For intsance, as the means of production are taken over by technological advances, the MC grows to design and manufacture technology a new form of exploit and the working class becomes de-skilled.

Marxism can explain why currently the WC have not risen up.Crime- Assess the usefulness of conflict theories for an understanding of crime and deviance Basically what I do is give an example of when they are usefull supported by a sociological study then an example of when they are useless supported by a sociological study and repeat.

Theories of Deviance: Conflict Theory.

Assess the usefulness of marxist theories

I. Marxist theory. Marx gives priority to economic inequalities. In his view, all societies are marked by the conflict of social classes, sometime overt, sometimes hidden, but always the major source of stability and change in society. Those who control the productive property of any society (land.

AS Exam. Paper 1 – 90 Minutes. Section 1 – Education. Short Answer Questions: 20 marks (Applying material from the item and your own knowledge of research methods, assess the usefulness of a particular research method to study a particular area of education) Marxist Theories.

Traditional Marxist Views; Neo-Marxism (New Criminology). Marxism & Education. Index to the works of Marxists and others on education, cognitive psychology and child development.

Man in Marxist Theory, Lucian Seve Cognitive Development: Its Social and Cultural Foundations, Luria Cognition and Foundations of Learning. Subculture Essay: ASSIGNMENT 1: A grade essay with feedback commentary 1. Using material from Item A and elsewhere, assess the usefulness of subcultural theories in explaining ‘subcultural crime and deviance’ in society today.

The Relevance of Marxism Today From a Marxist point of view, this was an historically progressive development, which creates the material basis for a socialist society.

In point of fact, this new area of production is a classic case which illustrates the correctness of Marx’s economic theories. The costs of developing complex new.

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